Whiteleaf Private Concert Club presented by Whiteleaf Events, Sarasota, FL


Epic concerts. Exclusive Access. Members only.

Welcome to Whiteleaf Private Concert Club – Sarasota’s exclusive rendezvous for an unforgettable blend of luxury and live entertainment. Immerse yourself in a discreet celebrity concert series, where every moment is tailored for your pleasure.

Indulge in the intimacy of our private events, specially crafted for your ease and enjoyment. Experience a night filled with top-tier catering, laughter-inducing comedy, star-studded concerts and post-event DJ dance soirées. Whiteleaf Private Concert Club is your passport to unforgettable evenings of revelry, surrounded by friends, neighbors, clients and business associates.

Bid farewell to the hassles of navigating concert logistics for your favorite bands. Our membership levels provide exclusive gatherings of just 275 members and their guests, accessible only through invitation. Public ticket sales? Non-existent. To be a part of the experience, you must be a Whiteleaf Private Concert Club member or a cherished guest of one.

Elevate your live music experience Whiteleaf Private Concert Club. Epic Concerts. Exclusive Access. Members Only.

  • Three concert club events per season (Nov-May)
  • A full evening of comedy, music and dancing in an intimate venue
  • Pre-show cocktail party to be catered by your favorite local catering companies
  • Membership input on musical acts you want to see
  • Meet and greet with the performer (when applicable)
  • Attend sound check with performer (when applicable)
  • Audience made up of friends, family, business associates, and neighbors
  • Professional, clean, and comfortable concert environment
  • Short drive or Uber to the event
  • Explore networking opportunities with fellow club members
  • Donation to a local charity made at each event
  • Host your own private concert event for future celebration

Hundreds of artists will be considered for club programming.

Below is just a small sample of entertainment ideas.


Ian Black • Larry Bowman • Mark Caragiulo • Bill Curtis • Bill Duffy • Mike Evanoff • Minta Getzen • Allison Imre • Les McCurdy • Dan Starostecki • Ron Trytek


Ian Black • Larry Bowman • Mark Caragiulo • Bill Curtis • Bill Duffy • Mike Evanoff • Minta Getzen • Allison Imre • Les McCurdy • Dan Starostecki • Ron Trytek